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The perfect "I Do": Our essential tips to a stress-free wedding

The process of Wedding Planning can overwhelm the most capable, levelheaded and rational individual. Combining etiquette, varying family dynamics with the financial "burden" of pending wedded bliss is similar to performing open heart surgery while standing on the wing of a 757 flying over the Atlantic Ocean. It's an amazing blend of a beautiful moment combined with the necessary grunt work attempted with a high degree of elegance and grace. Magical? Maybe.


There are three essential tips to a stress-free wedding:

1. Perspective. Keep the end goal in mind at all times. Essentially the goal is to say I Do to the love of your life by the end of the day. A beautiful production is empty if you can not live in the moment and realize that your mate and this commitment is all that truly matters.

2. Truthful Process. Weddings are no longer expected or intended to become cookie cutter events. Spend time in thought identifying your needs and want for your wedding day. And share these thoughts with your intended and decide together your overall wedding planning goals and process.

3. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER. A wedding planner will be your greatest cheerleader, advocate and counselor. Release the day to day details and management to a neutral party who lives to ensure the wedding day of your dreams. This simple investment will save you in time, money and relationships.

When in distress, woosah! The local court house is always an option, don't allow yourself to get lost in the planning and forget to prepare for your forever. Congratulations and welcome to the Fraternity of Love.

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